IHEAL Faculty


Capucine Boidin, senior lecturer in Anthropology
Olivier Compagnon, professor of Contemporary History
Georges Couffignal, professor of Political Science
David Dumoulin, senior lecturer in Sociology

Renée Fregosi, senior lecturer in Political Science - HDR
Marie-Laure Geoffray, senior lecturer in Political Science

Camille Goirand, professor of Political Science
Denis Merklen, professor of sociology
Carlos Quenan, professor of Economics
Sébastien Velut, professor of Geography
Polymnia Zagefka, seniot lecturer in Sociology

Teacher-researchers on secondment

Jean-Michel Blanquer, professor of Public Law,
on secondment at the Ministry of National Education.

Emeritus professors

Anne Collin Delavaud, emeritus professor of Geography
Marie-Danièle Demélas, emeritus professor of Contemporary History
Christian Gros, emeritus professor of Sociology