Taught Programmes

The IHEAL offers three taught courses: the Master, the PhD programme and the DELA Diploma (“Diplome d’université” or “University Diploma”).

Since its establishment in 1954, the Institute of Latin American Studies (IHEAL) has been providing its students with a unique environment to gain competences and access knowledge networks that will help them enter a profession related to or based in Latin America.

This uniqueness builds on IHEAL taught courses quality, ensured by French specialists on Latin America and by four visiting professorships-chairs. It further rests on IHEAL exceptional learning ambiance, particularly thanks to the Monbeig Library: Europe’s third library specialised in Latin America, a rich series of conferences and cultural activities, as well as a far-reaching network of contacts including embassies, enterprises and Latin America think-tanks.  
The IHEAL is also a multicultural hub where professors and students from Europe and Latin-America share the same interests for this continent and its role in today’s world.


The purpose of the “Master in Latin-American Studies” is to get students thoroughly acquainted with Latin-American societies’ studies, by enrolling in one of the six subject area (political sciences, history, geography, economics, sociology, anthropology) however following the IHEAL traditional multidisciplinary approach and its emphasis on transnational comparative analysis.

This two-year Master falls within the University Sorbonne Nouvelle-Paris 3 Master on International Studies, developed in cooperation with the University departments of European Studies and Anglophone World.

The “Master 1” is a first-year common programme for all students. During its second year the course is named “Master 2” and is structured into the following options:

  • “Research Master” (M2R, “Master de recherche”), with 7 choices corresponding to the IHEAL six subject areas plus a “multidisciplinary” option;
  • “Professional master” (M2pro), proposing three different programmes: “International economic exchanges”, “Environmental management” and “International Cooperation”.

About 250 students enrol on our Master courses every year.


The IHEAL Doctoral Programme is organised around the following subject areas: anthropology, geography, economics, history, political sciences - public law and sociology – and demography. It additionally features the multidisciplinary PhD programme: “Studies on Latin American societies”.

Every year approximately a hundred students research on our PhD Programme.


The “Diploma in Latin American studies” is a graduate course aiming to assist students in developing a cultural or professional project related to Latin America. It is specially thought for students wishing to acquire a comprehensive understanding of human and social sciences on Latin America. This one-year Diploma can be undertaken both as a complement of a professional or academic activity and as a means to enter the Institute Master programmes.

About 50 students enrol every year on the DELA.