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Position opening for invited researchers at the IHEAL


2024-2025 session: CALL FOR APPLICATION IS OPEN FROM SEPTEMBER 18th TO NOVEMBER 19th (French time / GMT + 1)



At the time of application submission, the candidate must be under 65-years-old at the beginning of his contract with the IHEAL, hold a Ph.D. degree (obtained at least 5 years ago) and be a teacher at the University level or a researcher at a foreign research organization.

The candidates will be recruited for two months (from the first to the last day of the month, between september and may, except december). Visiting scholars will receive a monthly salary which corresponds to a specific index for University professors in France. The IHEAL does not provide financial aid for travel or accomodation expenses.

During their stay, researchers will be invited to participate in IHEAL-CREDA research activities and to work in close collaboration with IHEAL-CREDA professors. During these two months, they will have to write an article. An intermediate version of which will be published on the IHEAL website.

The IHEAL receives applications in the following areas: History, Geography, Anthropology, Sociology, Economy and Political Science.

Invited scholars can perform scientific and academic activities in the others Departments of the Sorbonne Nouvelle University, or any of the French and European Institutions with which the IHEAL collaborates upon requests.



Interested applicants must apply on-line. The applicants must:

1/  Fill the online form available at this link

2/ Send online the following documents (PDF only)  :

 A cover letter.

A detailed presentation of the collaborations envisaged at IHEAL-CREDA and beyond (maximum 1000 words).

An official letter stating the affiliation of the candidate to her or his current university for the year of 2023.

A brief résumé (in French 6 pages max) including the following information: the candidate’s university credentials (excluding seminars and programs that were less than a year-long); Professional experience; Research and experience as a Professor; Experience in administrative activities and/or participation in research initiatives; Contribution to national or international colloquies. Finally, the résumé must include a list of the candidate’s published works (classified first by books, then articles in national and international reviews, research reports, symposium summaries and critical reviews of books published in peer-reviewed journals). All information must be chronologically ordered with the most recent positions and activities listed first.

■ Two letters of recommendation with signature and institutional stamp.

■ A copy of the candidate’s PhD degree.

A article project (maximum 2000 words). An intermediate version of which will be published on the IHEAL website. A final version may be published in a journal, committing to mention that this article was written with the support of IHEAL-CREDA.

 A copy of your valid passport.


Application dead line November 19th (23:59 French time / GMT + 1). 

Applications can be written either in French, Spanish, Portuguese or English.

Each application will be evaluated by an IHEAL member and a non-IHEAL researcher or professor.