Latin American Studies Degree (DELA) - University Degree


Courses details for the academic year 2013-2014      


Program Manager: Camille Goirand
Director of the Studies: Polymnia Zagefka

Application: Requirements and Forms


Beginning of the courses: Monday, September 23, 2013
Welcoming and information day: Friday, September 20, 2013
Language exam: Monday, June 17, 2013 at 2 p.m. in room A, and under derogation on September 16, 2013 at 2 p.m. in room A.

DELA Organization: requirements
Academic calendar

The IHEAL offers a college degree (bac + 4 level), which objective is to accompany an academic, professional or cultural project in relation with Latin America. This degree offers a multidisciplinary approach of Latin America based on social sciences. The candidates prepare this degree within one year (200 hours). The weekly schedule is organized so that it doesn’t exceed eight hours (4 two-hour classes per week). It has been specially designed to be a complementary degree or a continuous training.
It is primarily conceived for:

•    French or Latin-American students who want, in addition of another education program (Master in Literature, Business school, Master in Political science, PhD in Archeology, etc.), get general and specialized knowledge on Latin America. You will choose the DELA with the option “ouverture”
•    French or Latin-American students who are looking for an introduction to Social Sciences of Latin America in order to allow a disciplinary conversion. For instance: You have completed a bachelor (Licence) in literature and civilization or a bachelor in law, and you are interested in anthropology, history or sociology, etc. You can follow a Master degree in your field (literature, law, etc.) and you choose the DELA with the option “Social Sciences”.
•    Professionals who want to follow a continuous training. If you always have wanted to better understand Latin-American dynamics, then choose the DELA with the option “ouverture”.

Students must be at least licensed or have an equivalent diploma (3 years after highschool degree) obtained in France, Latin America or any other foreign country. It is also open to students with a higher degree or equivalent by the recognition of experience, and who wish to acquire a specialization in Latin America. Employees of companies or institutions (professional training agreement) working with Latin America will also find the basis for specialized training.

The Latin American Studies Degree is awarded to students who have completed two semesters with 10/20 at least each semester (the notes are compensated inside each semester).

During the first semester
(4 courses of 12 sessions, all mandatory)
The education program is composed of mandatory courses providing general knowledge on Latin America, specifically designed for DELA students.

During the second semester
Each student has to choose between two options:
Option 1 - Option “Ouverture”: The students chose 4 courses from the Master 1 second semester program.
Option 2 - Option “Social Sciences” (this option allows the students to apply for a Master 1)
- 2 courses specially designed for the DELA are mandatory
- 2 courses must be chosen among Master 1 courses (2nd semester)
The courses specially designed for the DELA are taught in French. Some Master 1 courses open to DELA students are taught in Spanish or English. Each teacher defines the examination procedures and explains them at the beginning of each semester.
Continuous evaluation is for the most students and involves regular attendance at all lectures. The final examination is for students who can not attend all classes for medical or professional reasons. The choice between continuous and final examination must be indicated at the time of course registration, before first semester courses begin.

Note:  Each student who has obtained 14/20 as an average result to the tests is able to enter the Master Program at the IHEAL.

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