PhD Program


Program Manager: Denis Merklen

Registration Service (4 rue des Irlandais, 75005 Paris) :  Marthe Pierre, phone: 01 55 43 08 95 or

The doctoral degree at IHEAL – CREDA can be of two types: disciplinary or multidisciplinary. The multidisciplinary PhD is labeled “Study of Latin American Societies”. The disciplinary PhD is offered in a wide range of fields: anthropology, law, economics, geography, history, political science, sociology, and demography.

It normally takes three years to accomplish the PhD. The preparation of this degree is realized within the framework of the Doctoral School (Ecole Doctorale), under the responsibility of a research advisor belonging to the doctoral program "Study of Latin American societies " (cf. Doctoral School 122 / Ecole doctorale 122). See the website of the University Sorbonne Nouvelle - Paris 3:

•    Doctoral School 122
•    Informations on doctoral studies at Paris3

Doctoral training at IHEAL - CREDA is at the first place in Europe for the number of students enrolled and who have defended theses on Latin America: 10 to 15 theses defended per year, one hundred French and foreign students, thirty research advisors in several social sciences, and many theses published in France or abroad each year.

A study on the employability of young PhDs from the IHEAL - Ameris shows a satisfactory insertion in France and abroad in the fields of teaching and research, in the area of large bureaucracies, of businesses and NGOs.

The Doctoral School ED 122 has an annual quota of four to five fellowships. All the students can compete to get this funding when they enroll in the 1st year of their PhD..


In addition to the conduct of their personal research under the close direction of their research advisor, each PhD student is enrolled in doctoral programs and participates in different activities (seminars, conferences, valorizations) organized by the different research teams coordinated by the CREDA.

Registration Service:  Mme Marthe Pierre, phone: 01 55 43 08 95 or