Internships Centre

The IHEAL strongly encourages students to undertake one or more internships in Latin America over their university career in France or abroad.

To fund your internship you can apply to one of the mobility financial aid mechanisms and fellowships available through Paris3 and IHEAL. Paris 3 et de l'IHEAL.

Internships allow students to use and test theoretical and methodological tools they have learnt during their course, better ascertain their competences and focus their professional objectives. The internship is thus a means to prepare students entry into the professional life, thanks to a real working experience.

An internship is not a job. By no means can it be used to replace an employee on leave or in service.

The intern keeps her/his status of student throughout the internship, when s/he will be trained. Her/his apprenticeship will be guided by:

  • an IHEAL tutor;
  • an Intern-tutor at the hosting organisation.

All Internships must be based on an internship agreement between the university and the hosting organisation receiving the Intern. No internship can start without IHEAL agreement.

For DELA and Master 1, students are invited to go on internships in Latin America out of their university calendar.

For Master 2 Research and PhD, students can conduct an internship in relation to their field research. Master 2R students will have to pass a final control and exam. On an exceptional basis, the accreditation of courses attended abroad can be considered.

For Master 2 “Professionnel” where internships are mandatory in the second semester, several Internships options are proposed and advice thereon is given to students.

How long is an internship?

There are three different types of internships: an “observation” Internship may last a few days, an “activity” internship a few weeks and the end-of-studies internship which can be from 3 to 6 months.
If authorised by her/his thesis director, a student can extend her/his internship up to six months over a year and, on exception cases, for more than six months when her/his programme foresees a longer duration.

The duration of the internship is given by the starting and ending dates indicated in the internship agreement, regardless of the number of hours worked by the intern.

An internship can be part- or full-time. The timetable has to be defined with the intern hosting organisation, to enable the student continue her/his courses and pass the exams.

Internships must not extend beyond 30 September: the end of IHEAL academic year. However two exceptions are allowed:

  • If a student wants to extend her/his internship as of 1st October, s/he must first enrol for the following academic year and thereafter request the Internships Office of IHEAL to amend the internship agreement accordingly.
  • If a Master graduated wants to continue her/his internship beyonf 30th September, s/he could be authorised by IHEAL to complete her/his six months. This internship cannot however go any further than 31st December.

The Internship Office counts with an important data base of contacts that can be consulted by students from Monday to Thursday: 10h00 to 13h00/14h00 -  17h00.

Contact: Service des stages - IHEAL

Opening hours :Monday - Thursday: 10h00 – 13h / 14h00 – 17h30

Phone N. : +(33) (0) 1 44 39 86 99