Etudiante IHEAL

The Institute of Latin American Studies

The Institute of Latin American Studies, IHEAL, is a multidisciplinary centre of excellence specialised in Latin America attached to the University Sorbonne Nouvelle – Paris 3. Established in 1954 by the geographer Pierre Monbeig, the IHEAL plays a pivotal role in promoting academic relations between France and Latin America in five different areas of study, in cooperation with its European and Latin-American partners.

The IHEAL offers a broad spectrum of taught programmes: a Master in international studies (specialised in Latin American Studies), various degrees and post-graduate courses and a PhD programme. Academic programmes focus on six areas of studies: political sciences, history, economics, geography, sociology and anthropology. Students come from very different backgrounds and countries and can count on several student mobility initiatives with Europe and Latin America. Additionally they can benefit from the contribution of visiting professors that come every year to the Institute within the context of one of the four IHEAL visiting professorships-chairs. Courses are taught in French, Spanish, Portuguese and English.
IHEAL alumni normally become professionals in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors working in or in connection with Latin America.

Boasting one of the three most important collections on Latin America in Europe, the Pierre Monbeig Library brings an essential contribution to the dissemination of knowledge about this American continent. The Library further undertakes documentation activities. It is open to the public and its catalogue can be consulted on-line on a free-basis.  

The IHEAL promotes several high-level publications on Latin America. From peer-reviewed journals such as the “Cahiers des Amérique latines” (a multidisciplinary publication) and “Confins” (a French –Brazilian Journal of geography jointly published with the University São Paulo), to special collections such as “Travaux et mémoires”, whose academic works have frequently become a must-read in Latin-American studies. The Institute also publishes “Chysalides”: a collection devoted to the best  IHEAL Master theses.

International cooperation
The IHEAL is very active in fostering international cooperation agreements and provides advice to media and representatives of both the public and private sector. The Institute already counts with more than fifty international agreements with universities from twelve Latin American countries, to facilitate student mobility, visiting professorships and exchanges and joint-research programmes. Thanks to a broad network of contacts in the whole of Latin America and a solid knowledge built through long years of rigorous academic work, IHEAL researchers and professors are well placed to produce high-quality research and cutting-edge advice on current issues. The IHEAL is also a key reference for academic and cultural events stimulating exchanges of perspectives and experience between Europe and Latin America.



Research activities are led by the CREDA, Centre for Research and Documentation on the Americas, a research Unit attached to both the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) and the University Sorbonne Nouvelle – Paris 3. The research team works on four themes: the Americas under an interconnected perspective: people, practices and knowledge; utilisation, management and protection of American wide spaces; Metropolitan territories and cities in the Americas: social and environmental issues; State and public action: public policies and development, regional integration and international participation.

Lab introduction and mission