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A few Data Bases on Latin America

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The SUDoc (University service for documentation) is the shared catalogue among French University Libraries.

It allows you to find a document existent in one of the libraries of the SUDoc network, for consultation and to place a loan request via the service PEB

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Searching a French journal or article

Sign@l : Signalement des contenus de périodiques en sciences humaines et sociales

Francophone Sites on Latin America

European Sites on Latin America

North-American and UK Sites on Latin America

Atlases and On-Line Maps

Socio-political News on Latin America

Environment, Ecology, Sustainable Development

Economic news on Latin America

Latin-American Press

  • REDALYC Red de revistas cientificas de América Latina y el Caribe (550 revues en ligne )

On-Line Francophone Journals on Human Sciences

On-Line Index and Library Bibliographic List of Articles

  • DIALNET Universidad de la Rioja 325 revues en texte intégral (5.200 revues hispano-américaines indexées)
  • Periodicals Index on line Repertoire de 5000 revues en sciences sociales et de réferences bibliographiques d’articles
  • AL DIA Universidad de Chili sommaires des 280 revues chiliennes et 350 revues en ligne


On-Line Articles and Books (Human Sciences)