Research Advisors

List of teacher-researchers and researchers who can supervise Ph.D. at IHEAL-CREDA



Michel Agier: Urban Anthropology; identity; miscegenation; black Americas; urban violence.
Florent Kohler: Anthropology of nature; traditional populations; protected areas; governance and biodiversity; Brazilian Amazonia.
Irène Bellier: Anthropology of representation; crossed cosmographies; European and global governance; from institutional microcosm to global society; autochthonous populations.  



Anne Collin Delavaud: Regional and urban geography; (urban) planning; centrality and organization of urban space; urban heritage and environment.
Martine Droulers: Brazil; geo-history; geopolitics; Amazonia; territory planning.
Cynthia Ghorra-Gobin: Urban geography; metropolisation; globalization; North America; comparative process; public urban spaces.   
François-Michel Le Tourneau: Human and regional geography of Brazil; space use by traditional populations of Amazonia; remote sensing and Geo-Information Science.
Graciela Schneier: Urbanism; technical networks; water urban management; social practices; architecture.
Hervé Théry: Structures and dynamics of Brazilian territory; through the methods of thematic cartography; special analysis and graphic modeling.
Sébastien Velut: Regional geography; sustainable development; energy; environment; protected areas; political geography; cartography; geography’s history.


Olivier Compagnon: XXth century; political and cultural history; compared history.
Pierre Ragon: Colonial history.
Laurent Vidal: Modern and contemporary history of Brazil.



Christian Azaïs: Labour market; regional economics; territorial dynamics; Europe-Latin America (Brazil mainly).
Benjamin Coriat: Globalization and development; intellectual property rights; enterprises and markets theories; institutional economics.
Jean Cartier-Bresson: Political economics of international institutions; global and Latin American governance; global public resource; corruption; social capital; collective action.
Xavier Richet: Governance; economic intelligence; markets’ structures.
Carlos Quenan: International economic relations and macroeconomics of Latin American countries.



Jean-Michel Blanquer: Latin American constitutionalism; State administrative organization and decentralization; Latin American constitutional Courts; Indians in Latin American constitutional law; Juridical and political mediations in internal conflict.
Georges Couffignal: Latin American political systems; State, democracy, parties, public policies, elites, decentralization, etc.; Relations between USA and Latin America, Europe and Latin America; Mexico; Integrations (NAFTA, MERCOSUR…); Mexican political system.
Olivier Dabène: State and democracy in Latin America; Regional integration in Americas.
Renée Fregosi: Dictatorship, repression and resistance; Authoritarianism and populism; Democratic transition and consolidation; Democracy and elections in southern cone (Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay); Paraguay: political history and recent political developments; Military powers in Latin America; Latin American left.
Camille Goirand: Comparative political sociology; Mobilizations and engagement in Latin America; Repression; Militantism; Political regimes; Political behavior; Porking classes; Informal politics and ordinary political practices.
Stéphen Launay: Political theory and international relations (in particular: USA foreign policy, war); Internal policy, foreign policy and political thought of Colombia and Venezuela.
Yves Surel: Public policies; Electoral sociology.



Jean-Pierre Bastian: Social movements and religion in Latin America; Political and social history of contemporary Mexico.
Maria Eugenia Cosio-Zavala: Demography; Population policies; Family transformations and women’s status, gender, spatial mobility and international migrations.
Françoise Lestage: International migrations; Central America; USA.
Denis Merklen: Sociology; Political sociology; Sociology of the interventions on social; Working classes; Sociology of culture.
Franck Poupeau: Sociology of environmental conflicts and sociology of social inequity in urban spaces and Andean-Amazonian cities.



Emeritus directors may be part of the juries.

Jean-Pierre Bertrand: Regulation of food systems; Analysis of agricultural and agri-food international markets; Agricultural policies; Brazil; Argentina; MERCOSUR.
Thérèse Bouysse-Cassagne: Andean religions and identities; Comparative studies: Andes – Spain; Mesoamerica; Syncretism, inculturation and acculturation, (XVI-XXth century); Ethnic groups studies (Bolivia), pre-Hispanic times, colonial times.
Christian Girault: Geography, international relations; regional integration, international tourism, trade and financial flows. Countries of interest: Insular Caribbean, USA, Mexico, Venezuela.
Hubert Gourdon: Army and democratization; Elites – political discourse; Decentralization – constitutional policies – political institutions.
Christian Gros: Study of social movements and identity processes; Sociology of rural and Indigenous populations.
Hélène Rivière d’Arc: New territorial scenarios at the regional and/or urban scale; Combination of economic and social at different scales; Comparison between various countries. Principal countries of interest: Mexico, Brazil; Cuba.