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Vera Chiodi is currently an associate Professor at Sorbonne University Paris 3/ IHEAL. She was a research fellow and a post-doctoral fellow for J-PAL Europe at Paris School of Economics. She conducts applied research in developing countries (Peru, Haïti, Argentina, Philippines, Ghana, Jordan) and in France, in diverse topics as education, labor markets and child labour, as well as agriculture and housing. She obtained his PhD from the Paris School of Economics / Ecoles des Hautes etudes en Sciences Sociales in 2010.  She wrote her dissertation on the analysis of poverty traps, migration and spatial economics in Mexico and Argentina. As a research fellow at the Inter-American Development Bank between 2005 and 2007, she was part of the evaluation team of the Mexican program, Oportunidades (Progresa) and also she has worked on the implementation of household and small enterprises surveys in Haiti. In addition, she was a consultant of the Ministry of Economy of Argentina during 2001 and 2002. She is a lecturer in Sciences Po Paris and in City University of London. 

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  1. Publications

- Book review on Migration and Remittances in Mexico, Bulletin of Latin American Research, Volume 33, No. 2 (2014).

- Chiodi V., Montes Rojas G. and Jaimovich E., "Migration and capital accumulation: Evidence from rural Mexico". Journal of Development Studies, Volume 48 No 8 (2012).

- Chiodi Vera et Paul Winters, “Human capital investment and long-term poverty reduction in rural Mexico”, Journal of International Development 21, 1-24 (2009).


  1. Publications en cours

- “Mentoring as a continuous treatment: frequency matters. Evidence from a French mentoring program”, (with Gabriel Montes Rojas), Submitted to Labor Economics, 2019. 

- “You Get What You Pay For: Evidence from a Jobseeker Conditional Cash Transfer Program in France”, with B. Crepon, A. John, A.Vicard, M.Gaini, 2018.

- “Opening the Door into Housing but not Employment: An Innovative Housing and Employment Intervention in France”, with B. Crepon and C.Kieny, 2019.

- “More is more. Livelihood interventions and child labor in the agricultural sector”, with Veronica Escudero, 2019. 

- Chiodi Vera, 2010, "The existence of poverty traps: old question - new answer. Evidence from rural Mexico", Soumis.

- Chiodi, V., 2011, "The emergence of local currencies during the convertibility crisis period in Argentina", Soumis.

- “To be or not to be a member of a grass-root institution: Evidence from a network analysis in rural areas in Ghana”, (with F.Mulangu) 2014.


  1. Ouvrages collectifs et chapitres d'ouvrage.

- Chapitre dans “Agricultural Supply Chains, Growth and Poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa: Market Structure, Farm Constraints and Grass-root Institutions”, Springer Editions, 2016.

- Chapitre dans "Amérique Latine 2015-2016", Coll. Mondes emergents

- Chapitre dans Expérimenter pour transformer les politiques publiques. Les enseignements de dix évaluations du fonds d’expérimentation pour la jeunesse, La Documentation Française, Juin 2014.

- Chiodi V., 2004, “La nueva ley agrícola de los Estados Unidos” dans Crónicas de la Argentina sobreviviente. El presente en el espejo de la historia (Rapoport, M. ed.).

- Chiodi V., 2001, "Reseña Bibliográfica - Concentración y centralización del capital en la Argentina durante la década de los noventa" in Revista CICLOS en la historia, la economía y la sociedad, Vol.XI 2001.


Rapport pour Revues à Comité de lecture :

Journal of Development Studies; Bulletin of Latin American Research-Journal of the Society for Latin American Studies; International Migration Review; Social Indicators Research; Cahiers des Amériques Latines.